J. van der Gaag BV

• A company with a vision to focus in lubrication technology in combination with lubrication maintenance.

• Mechanical parts should continue to move freely with minimal wear, interference and at the lowest possible cost.

Our Company

• Machine-Pressure Lubrication J. van der Gaag BV was founded in 1938 by Mr. J. van der Gaag.

Over the years, J. van der Gaag became a professional provider of automatic oil and lubrication systems. No system was delivered without a maintenance contract.

• J. van der Gaag focuses on “business to business” market and particularly to industrial customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Indonesia.

• There is close collaboration with renowned manufacturers of high technology products from Europe and America.

Our Mission

• Improving mechanical movements through technological knowledge and skills.

• Extending the service life of components and reducing costs.

• Optimize collaboration with our suppliers and providing a local infrastructure for marketing their products.

• Ensuring a good working environment for employees and a good return on the company.

Our Company’s Core Values

• Everyone contributes to the success of J. van der Gaag.

• Success of J. V. der Gaag requires 100% commitment by everyone.

• 100% customer satisfaction is our target.

• Customers bring revenues and contribute to profit.

• Our income is realized with the profit.

• We exist because we want to be successful.

What We Need To Be Successful?

• We always build on our knowledge and routine.

• We accept positive criticism by our colleagues.

• We aim at maximum customer satisfaction.

• We are informed and involved in the success of J.V. der Gaag BV.

• We go for the highest quality.

• We strive for continuity for our customers, suppliers and personnel.

• We use each other’s qualities.

• We respect in his or her work every one of any age, origins or education.

• We are willing to go to the extreme for our values.

Our Business Goals

• We want to be number 1 in the Netherlands in the lubrication technology and lubrication maintenance.

• We aim for an annual return of 10% VB.

• We aim for sales growth of at least 10% per year.

• We aim to 0 accidents in the workplace (VCA).

• We keep our employees healthy (% <2%).

Our Activities

• Engineering of complete oil and / or lubrication systems.

• Supply of industrial oil and automatic greasing systems.

• Maintenance of oil and lubrication systems.

• Performing lubrication / hydraulic maintenance.

• Repair of pumps and components of lubricating systems.

• Maximize fat and oil management.

• Providing technical lubrication equipment.

Our Suppliers

• Delimon Germany

• Bijur France

• Denco UK

• Denco Cooling UK

• Farval USA

• Lubesite USA

• Mato Germany

• Piusi Italy

• Assalub Sweden

• Samoa

Our Markets

• Energising

• Steel Industry

• Shipping

• Brick


• Brick

• Crane Industry

• Trade / Resale

• Ports (Amsterdam / R’dam)

• Stevedore

• Waste stations

• Offshore

Our Specials

• Automated filling systems

• Monitoring of the lubrication point

• Multi-function control box

• Custom systems

Our Systems

• Single line

• Dual line

• Progressive

• Multi line

• Oil-Air Systems

• Oil Mist Systems

• Crane rails multi line

• Wheel Flange lubrication

• Railways stationary

• Spray Systems

• Chain

• Oil recirculation

• Hydraulic

Service and Quality

• A lubricating solution for each problem

• Top quality products

• Excellent engineers with the right tools

• Optimum service and backup from Bleiswijk

• Wide range of systems / suppliers

• An understanding since 1938

• We take your lubrication maintenance of hands

• Optimal care provides reliable systems

Total Lubrication Management








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