D2 Pump

The oil lubrication pumps are powerful central oilers featuring high capacity and long service life, especially for the centralized lubrication of power engines. The pumps enable valveless forced oil delivery with separate adjustment of each outlet. The oil reservoir can be filled either manually or through the filler opening of the lid or through lateral feed flow, for instance via an overhead storage basin or feeder element.

– Oil pump
- Discharge pressure max. 100 bar
- Metered volume 2 x 0.15 cm3 at double pump element
- Metered volume 1 x 0.2 cm3 at single pump element
- max. 40 outlets
- Surface signal grey RAL 7004
Discharge pressure 100 bar at max. 15 plunger stroke/min, 50 bar at max. 30 plunger stroke/min, 10 bar at max. 50 plunger stroke/min
Metered volume 2 x 0.15 cm3 at double pump element; 0.2 cm3 at single pump element
Max. permissible drive shaft speed 50 U/min; 1 rotation = 1 discharge pressure
Usable lubricants on mineral oil base 40 up to 2300 mm2s-1 at operating temperature
Operating temperature – 40 °C up to + 50 °C
Number of outlet 20 at single pump element; 40 at double pump element
outlet bores G 1/4 female pipe thread, cylindric
Ratios oscillating lever, oscillating rate max. 300; lever amplitude min. 100, max. 600
Step-down gear with flange motor 30 1 max. drive rated speed 1500/min; 60 1 max. drive rated speed 3000/min
Reservoir capacity 4 liters