DDM/SDM Modular divider

Measuring valves are the essence of dualine lubrication systems. They are munted close to the lubrication points and hydraulically operated by pressure from the first and then the second of the two supply lines. On each pressurisation cycles, they indirectly discharge fixed volume of lubricant to the bearing etc.

Product Characteristics
– each module can be individually adjusted within its capacity to suit the bearing requirements
– all moving points are contained in the module
– a malfunctioning can be changed in seconds reducing maintenance time and costs
– positive hydraulic operation. Within design limitations, these valve assemblies, can be mounted many metres from the pump unit
– visible indicator showing operation of each module
– Body protected by corrosion resistant electrophoretic paint
– supplied complete with “O” rings and stainless steel mounting screws

Max supply pressure 350 bar
Temperature range -20°C to + 120°C (viton seals), -20°C to + 90°C (nitril seals)
Lubricant Oil or grease (N° 3 NLGI max)
Materials Body Steel – electrophoretically plated, Pistons Hardened steel, Packing gland DDM1/SDM1 – Brass, DDM5/SDM5 – Brass, DDM15/SDM15 – Steel
Seals DDM1/SDM/DDM5/SDM5 – Viton, DDM15/SDM15 – Nitrile
Indicator stem Stainless steel