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Drum unloading solutions for hygienic applications
The most efficient way to unload your drum & bins

  • Up to 99% evacuation
  • Fast and easy evacuation
  • Safe and hygienic

icon_onesolution  Drum unloader icon onesolution
One solution
For multi drum types

  • For straight and tapered drums
  • Drums with different dimensions
  • Inflatable seal

icon_hygenic  Drum unloader icon hygenic
Easy to clean

  • No more manual scooping
  • Tri-Clamps fittings
  • FDA approved

adv_save_time_200  Drum unloader adv save time 200
Save time
High flow rates

  • Up to 1000 liters per minute
  • Quick start-up (self priming)
  • High productivity
  • Easy to use controls

adv_save_money_200  Drum unloader adv save money 200
Save money
Evacuation rate of 99%

  • Less waste
  • Less maintenance cost

icon_safe  Drum unloader icon safe
No more lift and dumping

icon_food  Drum unloader icon food
Food Safe
FDA approved

SaniForce drum & bin unloading product range
Drum unloader Drum unloader 300x300

SaniForce Drum Unloader
Unloads viscous food ingredients from 200 Liter (55 Gallon) drums

  • For straight and tapered drums
  • Wiper seal features

Drum unloader BES 300x300

SaniForce BES
Unloads viscous food ingredients from 1000 Liter (300 Gallon) containers

  • 1000 Liter / 300 gallon containers
  • Inflatable wiper

Drum unloader saniforce elevator 300x300

SaniForce Elevator
Unloads medium viscous food ingredients from 200 Liter (55 Gallon) drums to 1000 Liter (300 Gallon) containers.

  • Mobile or fixed post
  • Easily mount a Graco piston pump
  • Flexible solution
Case Stories

kyknos_app  Drum unloader kyknos app
Efficient Transfers of Tomato Paste
Established in 1915, the Greek canning company KYKNOS is one of the most loved and recognized brands in Greece. A family owned company, famous for its canned tomato products, KYKNOS selects and packs tomatoes, grown in the region of Peloponesse.