DYNAGARD LVL wire rope f

Dynagard LVL is a highly tenacious adhesive wire rope dressing formulated for use in both Marine and Mining applications where a quickly penetrating product is required with the low fling off adhesive attributes of a much higher viscosity coating. This is especially important at high wire rope travel speeds where fling-off is more apt to occur after the initial application of product. Dynagard LVL penetrates the outer strands of wire rope and cable and is excellent in displacing moisture when used with the Kirkpatrick JUL Internal Spray Systems. This product is also excellent for Mine Friction Hoist applications where slippage is a safety concern.
As the carrier solvent evaporates, a thin flexible film of lubricant is formed. This fluid film barrier prevents the incursion of moisture or dirt between the strands, and contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to prevent abrasive and corrosive wear. The fluid film barrier of the Dynagard LVL also protects against the formation of rust and prevents “rust binding”, which reduces cable flexibility and life; increasing friction wear between the wire strands. The barrier also offers protection against corrosion, preventing pitting of wire strands that can cause fatigue failure. The Dynagard LVL maintains optimal performance in both dry and high humidity/salt water environments.

Slope Rope & Personnel Hoist

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