Dynamis Pump

The DYNAMIS pump was designed and developed to serve as a multi-function automatic lubrication pump. Due to its compact size and modular design, the pump can easily be modified for use in wind turbine power stations, general industry, commercial vehicle and spraying applications.

– Pump for single-line, progressive and spray systems in wind power stations and for industrial applications
– Lubricant: grease, liquid grease up to NLGI class 2
– Discharge pressure max. 160 and 300 bar
– Internal electric control (optional)
– Max. 16 outlets with flanged progressive distributor (optional)
– Filling connection
– easy installation with re-integrated distributor and control
– easy monitoring of all functions
– robust and reliable (housing made of aluminium) even when used in vertically rotating systems
– Add-on system for various applications
– high level of corrosion resistance due to powder and zinc-nickel coating
– energy-saving
General details
Operating pressure max. 160 and 300 bar
Reservoir size 2.0 l and 4 l reservoir
Number of outlets max. 1 or 2, combinations possible
Lubrication outlet G 1/4
Output volume (combination of the pump elements) 2.5 – 5.0 cm³/min
Temperature range – 40° to + 75°C
Lubricants NLGI grade 2 (liquid) grease
Degree of protection IP 67
Material Steel for pressure loaded parts, aluminium die casting for housing, plastics for reservoir
Electrical Control
Supply voltage option of 12 / 24 V DC or 115 / 230 V AC, 50 – 60Hz
Operating section: – optional μ-controller based on pCo
– display with plain text display
– filling level switch empty (standard)
– monitoring of distributors, overpressure, air pressure, oil pressure
– optional communication interface for Profibus, CAN, MPI…
– memory module for date and time