FL-40 Injectors for oil

FL42-43 injectors are perfectly adapted to lubricate all types of machines with a cyclic sequence. Discharge of each injector is adjustable and it delivers a precise amount of lubricant. A visual indicator pin built into each injector makes it easy to confirm a succesful discharge at any lubrication point.

Discharge from 0.016 to 0.131cm3 / cycle FL43, 0.016 to 0.049 cm3 / cycle FL42
Number of outlets 1 to 15
Working pressure 50 bar mini, 68 bar maxi
Maximum vent recharge pressure 10 bar
Working temperature 5 to 175° C
Lubricant to be used mineral oil viscosity from 30 to 500 Cst.
Materials galvanised carbon steel and viton seals