FZB Pump

The FZ-B type lubricator is a central plunger grease pump, which is operating without valves and springs. The numerous ratios available within the range 3 : 1 to 2880 : 1 which are between the speed of the drive shaft on machine to be lubricated and the number of strokes of the delivery plunger, ensure universal application of the lubricator so that it can be adapted to any system having a small to medium number of lubrication points: The FZ-B pump comes with 1 outlet or 2 outlets and is preferably used to feed progressive systems. Connected to each outlet is one progressive distributor, including a sub-distributor if necessary, to distribute the lubricant to several consumers or grease points.

– Best adaptationpossibility to different driving speeds and to the machine to be lubricated.
– Additional control can be omitted.
– Use for anticlockwise and clockwise rotation is possible without modifications.
– Forced control without any valves and springs.
– Rugged, consequently minimal expenditure of maintenance and repair works.
– Explosionprotection according toATEX guideline 94/9/EG

– Permissible feed pressure 200 bar, until 250 bar for short period only.
– Delivery volume per outlet and pump plunger rotation maximum 1.2 ccm at FZB with one outlet.
maximum 0.6 ccm at FZB with two outlets.
– Delivery volume per outlet and hours maximum 60 cc, pendulum lever maximum 36 cc. Delivery volume from all outlets can be reduced by selecting a lower driving speed or higher gear ratio so that the pump plunger rotates at less than 10 min-1 resp. 6 min-1
– Adjustment of volume rate The figures 0-4 are stamped on the exagons on the adjusting spindle. The maximum delivery (0.1 cc) is obtained in position 4. The quantity delivered is reduced by turning the adjusting spindle clockwise. To ensure reliable operation of the lubricator, delivery should not be less than ¼ of the maximum rating.
– Number of outlets FZB: 1 or 2 outlets.
– Outlet bore ¼ BSPP.
– Kinds of drive and gear ratio Pendulum lever: 3:1, 12:1, 25:1, 50,1
Shaft end free 3:1, 12:1, 25:1, 50,1
Step-down gear 95:1, 215:1, 345:1, 710:1
Step-down gear and motor 215 1
Motor according to DIN 42677 345 1
Speed n = 1500 min -1 710 1
Design B14, small flange size 63 1420 1
Rated output 0.18 KW 2880 1
Voltage and frequency to be specified at time of ordering
– Rotational direction of drive shaft optional.
– Reservoir volume 2,5 – 8 – 15 and 30 litres.
– Usable lubricants greases based of mineral oils to NLGI-class 2, DIN 51818.
Oils on request.
Synthetic greases on request.
– Operating temperature – 20°C up to + 80°C. Depending on the lubricant used, restrictions to the service temperature are possible.