Jumbo jumbo systems 3

Jumbo Systems are available in two models: Each Jumbo System Model incorporates a high volume 50:1 ratio / 16 to 22 pound per minute capacity Lubricant Delivery System to accommodate medium to high viscosity lubricants used to service larger wire rope diameters, In addition, the Lubrication Collar will accommodate Seal and Scraper Plate Kit diameters up to 4-1/4″ (108MM) providing the user the ability to service broader ranges of wire rope diameters.
Model JU120: Fit for 15 Gallon (120 Pound / 54.43 Kgs.) Mid Sized Drum (Keg)
Model JU400: Fit for 55-Gallon (400 Pound / 181.44 Kgs.) Full Sized Drum.
Ideal For…
– Marine Mooring and Towing Applications
– Mine Hoist Maintenance
– Dam and Bridge Wire Rope Maintenance
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