Oil Recirculation


Oil re-circulating systems are not only used to pump oil to bearings or gears to lubricate them but also to purge them of wear debris and, if necessary, to remove heat introduced into the oil by power losses due to friction.
DELIMON Cooling has a multipurpose range of small oil systems, however, the majority of re-circulating oil systems are nearly always custom designed to suit the application.
Reservoir, pumps, filters, oil coolers, reservoir heating, pressure control and instrumentation are selected depending on the duty and the viscosity of the lubricant required to be pumped.
Theses can be fitted in our works on top of the oil reservoir or on a separate skid to form a compact unit but also, for larger systems, as individual items of equipment which are mounted on site and piped up to the plant being served.
DELIMON Cooling has many years experience in the design of oil recirculating systems having supplied systems with flows from less than 5 litres per minute to over 1000 litres per minute.
Only high quality proven components are used as the system normally has to operate continuously 24 hours per day throughout the year.
The system will be continuously monitored allowing attendant free operation.
Using a DELIMON Cooling designed oil re-circulating system extends the life of the bearings or gears, reduces the number of plant shutdowns for maintenance and increases the time between oil changes.