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The distributors type PVB in building-block design are applied in small-size progressive lubrication systems representing a cost-saving and efficient solution for central supply of lubricating points with relatively small pressure and small metered quantities.
Ideal for machine-tools and processing machinery, mechanical engineering in general, presses of every type, plastic and paper processing machines, textile machines, printing and packaging machinery, etc.

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– Progressive Distributor / modular design
– Grease and oil
– Up to 20 oulets for pipe 6 mm
– Metered volume 0.17 cc
– Material: steel

– easy system layout
– problem free installation
– unsophisticated control and monitoring features
– precisely-measured lubricant discharge per oulet

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– Max. operating pressure
with motion indicator 160 bar
without motion indicator 300 bar
– Differential pressure between 2 outlets max. 70 bar
– Response pressure > 10 bar
– Temperature range -20°C to 120°C
– Usable lubricants:
Grease: up to NLGI class 2 DIN 51818
Oil: ISO VG 68 to 1500 (DIN 51519) at working temperature
Synthetic lubricants: on request
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