Standard standard systems 4

Standard Systems are available in three models: Each Standard System Model incorporates a 50:1 ratio / 100 oz. to 120 oz. per minute Lubricant Delivery System as well as a Lubrication Collar capable of accommodating Seal and Scraper Plate Kit diameters from 1/4” (5mm/6mm) to 1-7/8″ (48MM).
Model SU35B: Fit for 5-Gallon (35 Pound / 15.87 Kgs.) Pails
Model SU120: Fit for 15-Gallon (120 Pound / 54.43 Kgs.) Mid Sized Drum (Keg)
Model SU400: Fit for 55-Gallon (400 Pound / 181.44 Kgs.) Full Sized Drum
Ideal For…
– Crane Maintenance Applications
– Guy Wire Maintenance
– Most Marine Applications
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