SureFire Pump

The Surefire automatic lubricator is a robust and reliable pump that can handle oil and soft grease. Its compact size is designed to fit your space requirements and lubrication demands. The Surefire lubricator is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear pump that can adapt to a large range of production machinery. It can handle injector groups serving up to 100 lubrication points. It’s versatility also allows it to perform with other lubrication system types and for multiple applications.

– Functions with oil and soft grease
– Integrated low level switch
– Discharge ports on either side for easy installations
– Reservoir release clips for fast easy removal ans service
– Convenient plug-in pin type terminal block provides fault-free electrical connections
– Large capacity fill cap with built-in strainer minimises contamination
Output volume 250 cc/min for 24V DC, 200 cc/min for 115/230V AC 60Hz, 168 cc/min for 115/230V AC 50Hz
Output pressure max. 31 bar (450 psi), 20 bar (300 psi)
Lubricant viscosity 20 to 1500 Cst on operating temperature
Soft grease NLGI 000 / NLGI 00
Inlet filter sieve 120 µm
Reservoir capacity 1,8 L / 2,7 L / 6 L / 12 L
Motor voltage options 24 V DC, 2.4 A; 115/230 V AC, 2.2/0.95 A, 50/60 Hz
Motor power requirement Around 140 Watts
Operating temperature range + 5°C – + 40°C
IP rating IP 54
Electrical fitting Liquid tight
Output connection G ¼ BSPP
Capacitive grease level control 12-24VCC 15mA Max
Oil floating level controller 230 V Max power cut 40 V A
Pressure switch 250 V Max power cut 5 A maxi
Main line Ø ext. Min. recomended 6 mm