U-Block Divider

U-Block divider valves, models UR and UM, are specially designed for use in progressive lubrication systems. Several outlet configurations are available that allow you to tailor the divider valve to your lubrication specifications. Crossport bars are also available so you can double volume discharge where needed.

Each divider valve has a number of pistons that divide the volume of lubricant equally and forces it out of the valve. When the system is pressurized, pistons are positively displaced in sequence until the cycle is complete, with lubricant being discharged from each outlet. U-Block divider valves will continue to cycle as long as lubricant is being delivered from the pump.

Discharge 0.3 cm3 / outlet /stroke
Working pressure 150 bar max
Number of outlets 2 to 8
Tubing use tubes with lenght of 1 metre max int dia 2.5 mm minimum
Lubricant to be used grease NLGI 3 / 0 to NLGI 2