ZPA Divider

The major element of a progressive system is the lubricant distributor. Distributors ZP-A are used to divide and meter lubricant in total loss central lubrication systems (oil, liquid grease and grease) and in oil recirculation systems suitable for small, medium and large machine plants.

– Progressive distributor
– Up to 24 outlets
– Electronic monitoring possible
– Metered volume variable from 0.1 cm3
– Grease, liquid grease and oil
– Working pressure max 160 bar
– Temperature range -20 to +80°C (higher temperature on request)
– Admissible differential pressure between 2 outlets max 50 bar with nonreturnvalves max up to admissible system pressure.
– Metered volume per piston stroke at choice 0.1; 0.2 or 0.3 cm3
– Flow volume for oil and grease min 0.5 cm3/min; max 1000 cm3/min
– Opening pressure of nonreturn valves 2 bar
– Response pressure 10 bar
– Usable lubricants on mineral basis
Lubricating basis up to NLGI class 3 DIN 51818
Oil ISO VG 68 to 1500 (DIN 51519) at 20°C ambient temperature
Synthetic lubricants on request
– Pipe connections
Inlet Ø 6, Ø 8 or Ø 10
Outlet Ø 6