ZV-B Distributor

The distributors ZV-B are used for dual-line central lubrication systems for grease and for oil. Their function is to meter the lubricant and to press it through the lines to the lubrication points independently of back pressure.

Product Characteristics
– Dual-line manifold block
– Grease and oil
– up to 8 outlets
– Metered volume 0.5; 1.5 or 3.0 cm³
– Material: maching steel
Working pressure max. 400 bar
Actuating pressure min. 10 bar
Metered volume 0.5; 1.5 or 3.0 cm3
Actuating volume 0.3 cm3
Number of outlets 1 up to 8
Temperature range (Distributor with electrical monitoring) – 20° C up to + 70° C
Temperature range (Distributor without electrical monitoring incl. protection cap) – 20° C up to + 120° C
Suitable lubricants on mineral oil basis
Grease lubricants NLGI class 3 DIN 51818
Oil ISO VG 68 to 1500 (DIN 51519) as service viscosity 190 mm2s
Synthetic lubricants on request